Tom Zurkan

Tom Zurkan is a Senior Software Engineer at Optimizely working on Optimizely Full Stack X, Mobile, and OTT. He has also been working with AWS tools for several years. His interests lie in modern languages and how best to develop elegant crash proof code.

Blog Posts by Tom Zurkan

May 18, 2020

Using the Optimizely IntelliJ Plugin for Feature Development

As a developer using feature flags while building Optimizely, I had to switch back and forth between the application and the IDE while developing. This made my development flow hard to maintain because of all the context switching between application and IDE. It is also error prone with no way to test my configuration or
July 30, 2018

Tutorial: Get alerted when feature flags change, via AWS Lambda and Webhooks

At Optimizely, we’re always looking for ways to eat our own dogfood. Once we added feature flags to Optimizely Full Stack, we started adopting flags to remotely configure our own application. In the last few months, we’ve found this has been especially helpful for our end-to-end testing. Being able to toggle features on and off