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Whelan Boyd

Whelan is a Product Manager at Optimizely focusing on Machine Learning and Automation. He also enjoys hacking with Single Page Applications and leads the team enhancing Optimizely’s product compatibility with these frameworks. Originally from New Orleans, he graduated with a degree in Applied Mathematics from Dartmouth College.

Blog Posts by Whelan Boyd

September 16, 2020

Introducing stats engine service and enhancements to our experiment data platform

The era of a single black-box data product as your source of truth is over. Teams need complete visibility throughout the customer lifecycle, forcing a move from all-in-one tools to open, integrated stacks with many data sources.
January 06, 2020

Measure twice, cut once

Web Performance Testing Tools and Tips Many organizations struggle with site load times and have yet to adopt the right measurement tools or processes to improve it. As the product manager for Optimizely Web, naturally, I’m passionate about web page performance because it’s a major influence on the user experience and your business goals. To
September 12, 2019

Introducing Performance Edge: Making web experiments run blazingly fast

Today, we’re excited to announce Performance Edge, a giant leap forward in experiment performance, available today in Early Access. Performance Edge makes experiments run faster by moving experiment processing from the browser to the edge (CDN). In our testing, we’ve seen web experiments using Performance Edge load in less than 50 milliseconds (faster than the
October 08, 2018

How to Avoid Building the Wrong Product? Make Your Product Roadmap Your Experimentation Roadmap

We often hear that product development teams don’t have an experiment backlog or that they struggle to come up with experiment ideas. Almost certainly, though, you have a product roadmap. This list of problem-solution pairs includes the features that will certainly help you defeat the competition. Well, maybe. No matter how much data analysis, user
September 12, 2018

Optimizely Announces Adaptive Audiences

Today, at Opticon, we announced Adaptive Audiences — the only way for brands to deliver exceptional personalized experiences to customers at scale. Adaptive Audiences enables customers to: Leverage Machine Learning technologies to create new audience segments based on what customers are interested in. Reduce resources and easily connect customers to personalized experiences. The world’s leading