AddShoppers powers influencer marketing for over 10,000 brands worldwide including Hanes, NCR, Everlast, Internet Retailer Magazine, and The Economist.

AddShoppers makes it easy for marketers to deploy revenue generating applications on their omni-channel digital properties that capture rich 1st party data and integrate together to increase revenue per visitor.


The AddShoppers integration for Optimizely enhances experiments, boosts conversions, and powers personalization with 1st party behavioral and influencer data captured by the AddShoppers Platform.

Pass this rich data like birthdays, gender, profile images, revenue driven, and more, all collected by AddShoppers social infrastructure tools like Sharing Buttons and Social Login, to your Optimizely Audiences.

Key Benefits
  • Use influencer data to foster a truly 1-to-1, personalized experience for site visitors. For example, serve a separate experience to those whose birthday is in the current month or those who live in an region with upcoming climate changes.
  • Customize shoppers' on-site experiences using AddShoppers behavioral data. For example, if they've driven a share through social sharing or participated in a referral program or contest in the past, make their experience unique!
  • If you're already using both AddShoppers & Optimizely, lets us know you'd like to use this integration, and we'll handle the rest. If you're an Optimizely marketer not currently using AddShoppers, reach out and we'll get you in touch with an Optimizely expert at AddShoppers.