BlueKai is Big Data for Marketing, enabling businesses to use what they know to power what they do when speaking to and interacting with their audiences. BlueKai is the world's leading Big Data activation system. With BlueKai you can analyze, advertise, and optimize effectively with data unbundled from marketing execution.


BlueKai has partnered with Optimizely to provide an easy-to-use integration for marketers and publishers to create high-performance websites using first-party and third-party data. Optimization campaigns deliver relevant, personalized content to users on your website.

Key Benefits
  • Personalize your web experiences the first time visitors come to your website using BlueKai's rich third-party data set
  • Target visitors with promotions based on shopping interest and other third-party data available in BlueKai
  • Combine intent data from BlueKai with behavioral and demographic data from Optimizely to create complex audiences