Clicktale® enables businesses to maximize revenue by optimizing the way audiences experience the web and mobile. Clicktale's comprehensive solution offers playback of individual user browsing sessions, along with Customer Experience Consultants dedicated to your success. Clicktale effortlessly integrates with web analytics and testing tools to reveal how users really interact with your site. Clicktale creates revenue-generating customer experiences for the biggest online brands in e-commerce, finance and media, including many Fortune 500 companies.


Integrating Clicktale with Optimizely will help you to answer the following questions:

  • What should I test?

    Instead of guessing what elements on the page influence customer behavior, first watch Visitor Playback and analyze Heatmaps to identify what changes will have the greatest impact.

  • Why did one version convert better?

    Run post-test analyses with Clicktale to uncover how the changes you made impacted your visitors' behavior.

  • Based on the results, what should I test next?

    Get inspired with fresh ideas for future tests based upon your visitors' behavior.

Make use of these key features:

  • True-to-life™ Recordings — Clicktale's Session Playback replicates the exact version of HTML as seen by each visitor to your site. This gives you an accurate view of each of your visitors' online experience.

  • Visual Heatmaps — Analyze different versions of the page and uncover how visitor behavior is influenced revealing the reasons why one version performed better than another.

Key Beneftis
  • Discover the impact your experiment variations have on user engagement using rich heatmaps available with Clicktale
  • Surface insights about behavioral changes between experiment variations with Clicktale's robust session recordings
  • Understand the "why" behind your visitors' behavior to inform future product development and experiment ideas