Contentful powers digital experiences for major brands around the globe. Our content infrastructure provides a powerful set of APIs to manage, integrate and deliver content to any device or service. Developers and content creators can build digital products and edit content in parallel, enabling teams to ship faster.


The Optimizely app for Contentful is enabling practitioners to run experiments with content powered by Contentful. We are integrating the two services where the journey of the practitioner overlaps: Experimenting with great content to build exceptional customer experiences. The app minimizes cognitive drain from context switching, removes all manual configuration steps and enables marketers to run more experiments, faster and with better results.

  • I want to run experiments (in a microservice architecture)
  • I want separation of concerns (content lives in a central place)
  • I want to deliver experiences fast in sub <200ms (time == money)
  • I want to minimize context switching between services (cognitive drain)
  • I want to minimize mistakes (less manual, less error prone)