ContentSquare is an enterprise-level UX optimisation platform. Acting as a prioritisation layer between traditional analytics tools and Optimizely, ContentSquare empowers the entire digital team to identify areas of focus for testing, enabling you to run more accurate tests and create uplift more often. Visualise how your entire audience flows through your site in seconds using ContentSquare's 'customer journey flow' module. Utilise the 'zoning' module to attribute revenue and other UX metrics to individual in-page content elements, allowing you to see which parts of your page are driving conversion, and which need attention. Custom view session replays according to specific segments or visitor struggles to dig even deeper on what is driving certain behaviours, and let our AI bot automatically recommend role-specific actions for your team based on metrics you define. All from a single tag, which can be installed and start collecting data in minutes.


If you use ContentSquare and Optimizely X, you can enable the ContentSquare integration to better understand how and why users are interacting with your digital platforms, based on Optimizely experiments and visitors.

The integration between ContentSquare and Optimizely X will enable you to analyse user interactions for each variation, helping you understand why your experiments win and enabling you to see and quantify the change in user behaviour.

To get the ContentSquare integration up and running, follow ContentSquare's integration guide.

Key Benefits
  • Use ContentSquare to understand why one test variant performed better than the other. Iterate based on those findings to fine-tune testing and increase conversion uplift again and again.
  • Understand how your tests influence visitor behaviour using ContentSquare’s zoning and session replay technology. Even tests that don’t provide an uplift may have a positive impact on the user experience.
  • Test confidently and take fast action thanks to ContentSquare’s instant insights and easy-to-read metrics. Reduce the impact of underperforming test variants on your business by quickly identifying winning alternatives.