A real-time targeting & personalization platform that offers marketers company-targeted display advertising, website engagement & conversion modules for a consistent view of accounts from spend to revenue. Measure, engage, attract, and convert accounts in real time using Demandbase technology that is revolutionizing the way that businesses conduct business.


This integration provides you with an easy solution to create B2B audiences and A/B test your content personalization strategy to the companies you care about the most. This allows you to deliver the most relevant content to companies that visit your website before they've even identified themselves to you. Use segmentation to drive deeper engagement by speaking to those accounts in the industry-specific language they understand and with the right content for their stage in the buying cycle.

Key Benefits
  • Personalize your web experiences using Demandbase's rich set of account-based marketing data.
  • Target visitors with promotions based on firmographic and other third-party data available in Demandbase
  • Combine data from Demandbase with behavioral and demographic data from Optimizely to create complex audiences