Red Eye International


RedEye is an award winning Multi Channel Personalisation & Conversion Rate Optimisation specialist. We help our clients deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right customer on the right device, and quickly realize maximum value. Clients include Sainsbury’s, Monarch Airlines, AVIS, Hotel Chocolate and many more.

We were Optimizely’s first 3 ☆ Partner in EMEA, Optie award winner 2015 for “Solutions Partner of the year”, and now the only company to be both a Solutions & Technical partner of Optimizely.


RedEye integrates intuitively with Optimizely to extend personalisation, cross-device tracking and channel capabilities. Our Customer Data Platform allows you to store and segment historical, behavioural, campaign, channel, device and offline data all in one place for a better understanding of your customers. Adding all this rich data to your targeting capabilities in Optimizely is made easy with this integration, so you can easily implement cross channel campaigns: email, web, DM, mobile delivering truly personalised content and 1-2-1 marketing experiences.

Key Benefits
  • Identify and then target users across multiple devices & touch points (incl. offline) and build seamless multi-channel experiences.
  • Segment across all your data sets to build truly targeted audience selections for improved A/B testing and personalisation campaigns.
  • Link your CRM and campaign activity to your optimisation strategy by targeting the same campaign audience and provide same experience from online/offline campaigns without the user having to click through from the campaign.