Woopra is a real-time customer analytics service that helps companies take control of their customer data and make it actionable. Woopra enables companies to track, analyze, and take action on customer activity from every touch point, by syncing all the touch points to a single hub.

Working with thousands of customers worldwide, Woopra provides deep user segmentation, a real-time analytics suite, and customizable triggers, which all combine to help companies deliver a better customer experience.


Woopra's integration allows you to create custom audiences in Optimizely based on behavioral labels created in Woopra. By synchronizing your Woopra Labels with Optimizely's audiences, you can deliver personalized content to your visitors in real-time.

An online retailer might display a personalized "10% off handbags" promotion to a customer who viewed at least 7 handbag products in the last day and has previously spent over $1,000. Similarly, the online retailer can change the featured content on the homepage to display handbag images to this customer.

Key Benefits
  • Personalize your web experiences using all of your data using Woopra' unified customer profiles
  • Target visitors with promotions based on the comprehensive first-party dataset available in Woopra
  • Combine intent data from Woopra with behavioral and demographic data from Optimizely to create complex audiences