wywy helps brands and agencies maximize their TV advertising ROI. With the wywy Optimizely integration, advertisers can synchronize their website with their TV commercials in real-time, creating a TV landing page with the product that was just aired on TV. As 1 in 3 TV viewers visits the TV advertiser’s website after watching the TV commercial, telling a seamless story across screens with the same message increases conversion rates up to four times.


TV advertisers can set up an experiment in Optimizely that accompanies the TV ad. Whenever the TV ad is aired, wywy detects this TV commercial in real-time and sends a trigger to Optimizely to activate the accompanying experiment.

For example, if a certain car model is shown in the TV ad, the advertiser's website can prominently feature this model for a few minutes following the TV airing. TV-inspired visitors will find exactly what they are looking for without having to click through the website, massively shortening the conversion funnel.

Key Benefits
  • Maximize conversions of TV-inspired visitors
  • Tell the same story across your TV commercials and your website
  • Create a TV landing page to shorten the conversion funnel