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Episode 1:
Welcome to Optimizely's new podcast, Content Intel! Today's episode features Optimizely's Andrew Davies, Vice President of Corporate Marketing, to discuss the process of what goes into an acquisition rebrand and optimizing a new website that ensures your content remains recognizable and coincides with your brand's mission. Click image to listen.
Episode 2:
Content Intel welcomes James Robert Lay, Founder and CEO of Digital Growth Institute, to talk about the importance of leveraging value prop to optimize your website's content to build trust among your customers in the FinServ and FinTech industries. Click image for more.
Episode 3:
Optimizely's Senior Director of Content Management Strategy, Deane Barker and Blend Interactive's Director of Strategy, Corey Vilhauer, join Content Intel to talk about their book on CMS development, The Web Project Guide. Click image to listen.
Episode 4:
Content Intel welcomes Kim Davis, Editorial Director at MarTech, to talk about trends in content and where the marketing industry is headed as far as improving engagement and optimizing value exchange with prospects and customers. Click image to listen.
Episode 5:
Our own Global Growth and SEO Strategist, Michiel Dorjee joins Content Intel to talk about all things SEO and why it's important for the development phase in building a new website. Click image to listen.
Episode 6:
Optimizely's Head of Diversity and Social Impact, John Leonard joins Content Intel to talk about initiatives he's taking to improve company culture. He has several inclusion programs in the works that will improve the morale of Optimizely employees so they can feel empowered to help their customers grow and improve their business operations as well. There are also links to the Employee Handbook as well as several Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Click image to hear what they are and how you can get involved.
Episode 7:
Alex Castro, CEO of M Corp, joins Content Intel to discuss how closing the gap between strategy and execution will yield more potential for digital transformation and growth opportunities. Click image to learn more.
Episode 8:
This episode of Content Intel welcomes Tommy Walker, Founder of The Content Studio, to discuss how to streamline content operations and workflows with automation. Click image for more.
Episode 9:
Optimizely’s Manager of Marketing Operations, Michelle King, sits down with Content Intel to talk about the effect going digital has had on marketing ops and how companies have adapted over the last almost two years since the pandemic started. Click image for more.
Episode 10:
Content Intel invites Cate Waters, Optimizely’s Enterprise Account Executive & Content Management Strategist, to talk about her recent presentation that she gave at a Digital Summit on how to steadily improve your digital results incrementally. Click image for more.
Episode 11:
Content Intel welcomes Shondell Varcianna, CEO & Founder of Varci Media, to discuss how her business saves financial institutions time by writing content and building robust strategies that are sure to grab your audience’s attention and increase engagement. Click image for more.
Episode 12:
It’s a full house on Content Intel as we sit down with Matt Simpson, Managing Director of Candyspace, Simon Culley, Omnichannel Retail Manager at Mazda, and our own Joey Moore, Optimizely’s Senior Director of Product, to discuss how Mazda is meeting its customers’ purchasing demands in the digital space with its new ecosystem of dealer websites. Click image for more.
Episode 13:
Our own Hazjier Pourkhalkhali, VP of Strategy Consulting at Optimizely, joins Content Intel to discuss how he leverages experimentation best practices to help companies drive improvement for their businesses via testing and determining which metrics they want to increase. Click image for more.
Episode 14:
Content Intel welcomes James Scherer, VP of Growth at Codeless, where he focuses on internal brand growth as well as managing client strategy for brands such as In this episode, we will be discussing the pros and cons of investing in a content marketing strategy and what that will look like for business websites this year. Click image for more.
Episode 15:
Josh Schoonmaker Senior Director of Strategy for Commerce and Mary Rebecca Harakas, Product Marketing Manager for Commerce at Optimizely, join Content Intel to talk about how brands can personalize their commerce strategies and rapidly adapt to evolving customer demands. Click image for more.
Episode 16:
Content Intel sits down with Mark Raffan, the Founder & CEO of Content Callout, who will be discussing how B2B brands are jumping on the influencer train in an effort to reach new audiences, educate and increase credibility. How can it be done? And how can it be done, right? Click image for more.
Episode 17:
Content Intel welcomes Senior Director of Product Marketing, Anthony Aiosa, who recently came over from our Welcome acquisition and will be talking about how digital asset management (DAM) will be integrated into the overall digital experience platform (DXP). Click image for more.
Episode 18:
Content Intel welcomes Chris Willis, Acrolinx’s Chief Marketing Officer, to discuss the importance of content governance and how it provides value to a range of audiences in tech, operations, leadership and brand alignment. Click image for more.
Episode 19:
Content Intel welcomes Richard Jones, Chief Strategy Officer at twentysix and Deane Barker, Global Director of Content Management at Optimizely, to discuss how to generate an effective web content strategy that is sure to resonate with your audience. Click image for more.
Episode 20:
Content Intel welcomes Erik Newton, VP of Marketing at Milestone Inc., who will be talking about the best way to optimize and leverage your existing content as well as how to disambiguate your keywords in schema markup language to yield better SEO. Click image for more.
Episode 21:
The Optimizely Podcast welcomes Kara Andersen, Senior Product Marketing Manager, who will be talking about how Optimizely is revolutionizing the way teams produce content with a complete, end-to-end solution for enhanced content planning and authoring. Click image for more.
Episode 22:
The Optimizely Podcast welcomes Rafe Blandford, Chief Product Officer of Digitas, one of Optimizely’s partners, who will be discussing how the company is using tech for good. Click image for more.