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Introducing: The Q1 roadmap for Optimizely Content Management System (CMS). We’re hard at work bringing enhancements to the CMS that make collaboration easy, enable the reuse of content, make content planning, creation, and publishing more seamless. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come! 

Flexible content management for modern teams

In Q1 of 2023, the Optimizely team is focused on product enhancements that make collaboration easy, enable the reuse of content, and simplify the publishing experience. 

Optimizely CMS roadmap for Q1

Content Graph General Availability

Content Graph is a GraphQL API that developers can use to search and deliver content anywhere, enabling more dynamic content experiences. Content Graph further extends the capabilities of our best-in-class CMS by enabling flexible content delivery across channels and applications. 

How it works: Similar to the way search engines crawl the web to build an index of web content, Content Graph queries the content in your CMS and presents it in a way that allows developers to “shape” it for unique use cases.  

While other APIs are useful when you need to fetch one content item, Content Graph provides the flexibility to fetch content in any capacity, from large amounts of aggregated content, to filtered content for very specific queries, or even just a few properties of content.  

This makes it possible to do things like: 

  • Easily reuse content from your website to build native applications—such as a mobile app
  • Provide highly customized search experiences for site visitors, increasing the chances that they find the content they’re looking for, fast
  • Create dynamic content blocks, such as a “Related Articles” content block that displays the five most recent articles that have the same tag or content type as the article a visitor is currently viewing 

We introduced Content Graph in Beta last year, and thanks to your feedback, we’re now preparing to make Content Graph generally available. 

CMS Dashboard

The new homepage dashboard makes it easy to manage day-to-day tasks. Click on the Dashboard tab in the top navigation menu to see an overview of pending items in your workflows and quickly home in on content that needs your attention.  

  • See the pending status of content as part of workflows (In Review, Approved, Scheduled, Rejected)
  • Quickly find and fix broken links via the Broken Links report
  • Filter by user to see the status of not just your own workflows, but your entire team’s 

The CMS Dashboard will be available in CMS 12 and works with multi-channel content as well as web-only content.  

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