Content Management in Q3

Welcome to the roadmap preview for Optimizely's Content Cloud CMS. Get a first look at the ways we're innovating our CMS product and learn about the new capabilities we're delivering soon to help you provide meaningful content experiences in the face of changing needs.

Flexible content management for modern teams

Speed and agility are more important than ever as brands race to deliver adaptive content experiences in the face of changing needs and limited resources. Optimizely's best-in-class CMS is a leader in streamlined content management that helps teams collaborate easier so they can execute compelling content experiences faster—and we're not stopping there. The Optimizely team is excited to announce the following product enhancements designed to provide a better, more flexible experience for modern teams that need to move fast and publish content on any channel. 

Q3 product updates coming to Optimizely Content Management

Content planning, authoring & publishing made easy

We're bringing together a 5-time category-leading content marketing platform (Welcome) for campaign and content creation and our best-in-class CMS to provide one unified, end-to-end solution for content planning, authoring, and publishing.

The content production process starts with an idea and ends with publication. But before content can be published, it has to be planned, created, reviewed, and approved. These steps should be simple, but they often happen in a complex working environment that perpetuates extra back-and-forth and deep team silos.

That's why we're introducing Welcome for CMS, a solution that simplifies the content production process by enabling marketing teams to plan, create, and publish content seamlessly from one marketer-friendly interface. Now, marketers can build and publish content with the same level of sophistication that Content Cloud provides—in the same place where all the planning and collaboration happens.

Welcome for CMS helps marketing teams:

  • Deliver better content experiences faster than ever before
  • Collaborate with ease
  • Go-to-market faster
  • Eliminate time lost to back-and-forth communication

Teams working within Welcome can:

  • Build content with the same level of sophistication that Content Cloud provides
  • Create and edit content for existing CMS page and block templates
  • Generate previews of content prior to publishing

Welcome for CMS is currently available via a closed beta program. Talk to your account manager today to learn how you can participate. 

Real-time access to all your images & media

We're also fully integrating Welcome's modern DAM (digital asset management) with our CMS so users focusing on content and layout creation in the CMS can seamlessly access images and media without interrupting their workflow.

Key capabilities:

  • Modern media picker lets you search, browse, and filter assets stored in the Welcome Library (DAM) from within the CMS editor
  • Easily access Welcome Library assets in real-time from within Content Cloud

Enhanced headless offering

Whether you want to easily stand up and reuse content on any channel, or use one platform to store and manage it all—we’ve got your back. We're dedicated to providing the flexibility to deploy the Optimizely CMS as either a coupled or hybrid headless solution.

This quarter we're working to deliver enhancements that strengthen our hybrid offering for our customers who prefer to work in a headless environment, supporting greater agility through a fully flexible, secure, modern CMS.

Key enhancements include:

  • Easy headless editing experience. Working with multi-channel content has never been easier. A new editorial interface provides a view into content that doesn't exist on a webpage, so you can easily see and access all the headless content types available in your CMS
  • GraphQL API. Send a GraphQL query to your API and get exactly what you need—no more, and no less. Our GraphQL API, Content Graph, will be in open beta soon for all Content Cloud and B2C Commerce customers
  • Fluid/Liquid templates. Visual template creation without the hassle. This experimental product, part of our Labs program, explores support of Fluid/Liquid as a scripting language to make it easier for developers to code without rebuilding entire applications
  • OpenID Connect UI. We're making it easier to manage security configurations for hybrid headless applications with an easy-to-use interface that enables developers to control API access without the use of .NET code

Easier transition to CMS 12

We're building self-serve, guided experience tools to help you transition to CMS 12. New automated tooling will lower the effort of upgrading by letting you copy content on-demand from a CMS 11 project and easily switch over host names to the new project, ensuring data consistency so you can migrate with confidence.

Why migrate to CMS 12?

  • 4x better response time—your website will load even faster
  • 5-10x faster user experiences for actions like Register/Login, Search, and Add to Cart
  • Benefit from Welcome for CMS

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