Customer Data in Q3

Welcome to the roadmap preview for Optimizely's platform and intelligence capabilities. Read more about the exciting updates coming to Optimizely's market-leading data management products including Customer Data Platform (CDP), Recommendations & Personalization, integrations and more.

Empowering data-driven marketers

At Optimizely, we understand that some of the biggest challenges facing brands today involve customer data management, locking potential and holding marketers back from creating exceptional experiences. Coming in Q3 this year are new and novel ways to harmonize enterprise data from across the customer journey, quickly develop integrated understanding, and activate based on behavior-based insights. So as we head into the second half of 2022,  the team at Optimizely is excited to announce the following product updates to empower data-driven marketers to unlock their digital potential.

Q3 product updates coming to Customer Data at Optimizely

Introducing data freshness

In Q2, Optimizely made available via the API, real-time data, a seminal moment for our data management offering. Due to customers' success with real-time data, we're calling Q3 the beginning of a new era—the era of data freshness is here.

We've all felt the pain of supply chain delays, but did you know there's a hold-up in customer data too? Latency and stale data for marketing is costing you more than you think and hurting your brand. At Optimizely, we empower brands to be adaptable with fresh data; only Optimizely has it.

What fresh data means for you:

  • Make your marketing a continuous conversation as data streams uninterrupted and at the speed of the web
  • Adapt to customer behavior at scale with individualized personalization and campaign activations
  • Access your customer data - live and, at the moment it's created. No more waiting for processing or batch-uploads
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Real-time segment builder

We’re proud to announce the Real-Time Segment Builder, a visual and sentence-like interface for marketers that makes real-time data available for scale.

Access to fresh data is imperative for brands to adapt with speed and scale. The Real-Time Segment Builder will empower marketers to build and activate segments with real-time relevance, as opposed to the day-old data from other leading customer data solutions. 

  • Know what’s happening with your customer data, in real-time
  • Adapt your CMS, experiments, and connected channels with dynamic personalization 
  • Unlock new optimization use cases and improve customer relationships with real-time relevance


Unified source of truth

Starting in Q3, the new standard in data management for all Optimizely products provides data-driven marketers with an essential CDP and integrated reports and dashboards for new insights into the customer journey.

Prebuilt integrations and the free flow of data empower marketers to compose solutions that deliver the best possible customer experience for the desired business impact.

Compose the right-fit solution and grow with Optimizely

  • Connect all Optimizely products with one-click integrations 
  • Harmonize your stack and grow with Optimizely
  • Reveal the customer context in new reports

Connect Platform comes to Australia

In Q3 the global rollout of Optimizely Connect Platform (OCP) continues. Connect Platform is the plug-and-play solution giving marketers one-click integrations into the world's leading customer experience applications. 

Connecting the tools and systems brands use to orchestrate the digital experience has been a difficult task. Until now with the Australian launch of OCP. Now, ingest data for orchestration and insights—in a snap.

  • Harmonize systems with a centralized data management system
  • Save time integrating with one-click Connect Apps
  • Get better insights into the full customer journey

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