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Introducing the Q3 roadmap for Feature Experimentation. Read on to learn more about Optimizely's new features and usability and performance updates now available to the leading experimentation and feature management platform.

Your Optimizely Feature Experimentation round-up

As the year flies by, we continue bringing more capabilities and performance improvements to Feature Experimentation.

More and more customers are migrating from our legacy Full Stack to the new Feature Experimentation, and our One-Click Migration tool is nearly ready to exit beta... plus we have numerous feature improvements, including rule scheduling and multiple experiments per flag to tell you about. If you are still on legacy Full Stack, now is a better time than ever to migrate to Feature Experimentation!

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Q3 updates coming to Optimizely Feature Experimentation

Next evolution of experimentation

1-Click Migration (Full Stack to Feature Experimentation)

Feature Experimentation delivers a significantly faster user experience, plus many feature improvements over the legacy Full Stack.

To help you take advantage of these new enhancements, our one-click migration tool enables you to migrate your projects from Full Stack to Feature Experimentation in minutes – without impacting live experiments and retaining all existing flags. Migrate now and leverage all the powerful new functionality of Feature Experimentation!

Watch the 3-minute explainer video or read how to upgrade for more information.



Flag and Rule Scheduling – Coming Soon

As you advance your culture of experimentation, finding efficiencies can help improve velocity and reduce friction. The ability to plan staged, progressive deliveries is a game changer – letting you plan experiment execution ahead of time, with confidence in scheduled changes.

Automatically migrate existing Flags built with legacy technology to the new Feature Experimentation platform.

  • Set a duration for a flag or rule to toggle on/off.
  • Schedule changes to audiences, and traffic allocation, to occur at any future point.
  • Smoother progressive rollouts
  • Plan experiment execution ahead of time

Accelerate your program

Multiple experiments per flag

With the ability to add multiple experiments to a flag, experimentation teams can achieve a higher experimentation velocity, increase win rates by targeting experiments more effectively and deliver personalization at scale.

  • Add multiple experiments and targeted deliveries to a flag.
  • Run the same experiments on different audiences simultaneously, with separate results.
  • Deliver the right experience to the right people at the right time as you personalize experiences.
  • Improve experimentation velocity without additional developer help with low-code deployments across any device.

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