Deliver better software with progressive delivery and experimentation

Make every release high quality, and high impact by quickly and safely validating code and features with real users through the entire software development lifecycle.

Optimizely is the only solution that combines progressive delivery for engineers with deep experimentation capabilities for product, analytics and growth teams, helping you confidently deliver what users want, faster.

We had one experiment drive a 95% lift in the adoption of a new feature, and that was the catalyst for the growth team.
Lauren Schuman

Senior Director of Product Insights and Growth

Optimizely is the platform for your whole team

Accelerate release cycles and confidently drive conversion, adoption, engagement, and retention all with the world’s leading progressive delivery and experimentation platform. Test and learn your way to winning results, gaining the insights to enhance everything from UI/UX to features to application performance.

Extend our platform with customizable SDKs

Building and maintaining your own progressive delivery and experimentation platform can be a heavy lift. Instead of building from scratch, extend our platform to fit your needs by customizing our many open-source SDKs for a variety of use cases like mobile and OTT, which in-house solutions don't cover. Use our data pipelines and data export product to pull experiment data into your systems for deeper analysis.

Grow with Optimizely Professional Services

Need some help to release faster and test more? With Optimizely Professional Services you’ll have a partner to train your team on processes and technical strategies to make the most of your Optimizely platform. Grailed, a leading online men’s fashion marketplace, worked with the Optimizely Professional Services team to build an experiment and learn which navigation tabs they should add to their UX. Through a feature variation, they improved their UX and successfully increased views by 66%.