Digital Change Agents: Real Customers, Real Stories

Lessons from the experimentation and growth teams at Atlassian, HP, & IBM

Global, digital-disruptors like Atlassian, IBM, and HP are currently running experiments and personalization campaigns across their products and commerce. But it wasn’t always like that.

Today they're taking you behind-the-scenes to uncover how they built out their digital experience optimization teams and how they continue to grow across the enterprise. Dive into their on demand sessions to learn more about:

  • The secret to HP’s Center Of Excellence success
  • How IBM uses Personalization to ensure a unified customer journey
  • The lessons learned from Atlassian’s experimentation team growth

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Enjoy free access to on-demand sessions from these experimentation leaders

Better Decisions with Experimentation

This webinar with Tom Tsao, Head of eCommerce at Atlassian, shows you how they evolved, from the origins of their program, to their process and team structure.

Building a Culture of Experimentation at HP

Learn how HP built a global center of excellence, structured their experimentation teams and meetings, and focused on technology, governance, and strategy on their way to building a culture of experimentation.

How IBM is Unifying the Customer Journey with Personalization

From ads to on-site experiences, IBM uses Personalization to ensure there is one cohesive customer journey. Learn more in this webinar from Suman Patnaik, Program Lead for Content Analytics & User Experience at IBM.