Event: Leverage the value & ROI of experimentation

Creating a robust experimentation culture & program for your enterprise

As the world’s largest digital laboratory, Optimizely is in the unique position to research the best-in-class experimentation programs.

To speed up with your customers, you need to act quickly, experiment more and implement new insights.

Join us at Hugos Restaurant for a private evening event and gain eye-opening insights into how companies can build best-in-class experimentation and optimization programs.

Over drinks and dinner, Hazjier Pourkhalkhali, Global Director, Strategy & Value, Optimizely will share insights based on research with Professor Stefan Thomke at Harvard Business School.

Hazjier will explore how companies practice experimentation and what behaviors lead to improved experimentation outcomes.

Tuesday 21 January 2020, 06:00 pm - 10:30 pm

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Registration & Welcome drinks
Dinner and Networking

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, 21 January 2020
Time: 06:00pm - 10:30pm
Location: Hugos Restaurant (Hotel Intercontinental Berlin)
Address: Budapester Str. 2, 10787 Berlin


Hazjier is a global expert in the field of digital experience optimization. He is Optimizely’s Global Director for Strategy & Value and has led consulting teams working with incredible companies, including Microsoft, IBM, H&M, eBay, the BBC, and more.

Hazjier Pourkhalkhali

Global Director, Value Consulting & StrategyOptimizely