Optimizely Under the Hood Webinar Series: Experiment-Driven Product Design

Reap the rewards of creativity and problem solving through product experimentation

Designing enterprise software products is a process that relies on feedback: Customer research, usability testing, and competitive research are tools that designers can use to validate designs prior to shipping them into production. But once your design has been built by engineering and released to production, how do you know whether new features or designs are meeting business goals? Optimizely’s product design team has introduced a new method to our toolkit to understand whether our designs are driving customer engagement and retention: Product experimentation.

Join Optimizely’s product designers, Zach Leach and Shane Fontane, to learn from their experience using experimentation to design Optimizely’s enterprise software platform.

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  • Use experimentation to validate design decisions
  • Quantify the impact of design on business metrics
  • Improve collaboration across design, product, and engineering

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Shane Fontane

Product Designer, Optimizely

Zach Leach

Product Designer, Optimizely

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