APJ On-Demand Webinar Featuring Forrester: Experimentation and its Role in the Overall Digital Experience

What value does Experimentation deliver in the Digital Experience?

Join Sam Higgins, Principal Analyst at Forrester to learn more about how Experimentation plays into the overall Digital Experience

Today’s customers are already more adventurous than they've been in the past: willing to test new products, relying on personal devices, and expecting the best seamless digital and physical buying experiences. This shift is putting pressure on firms to further refine their business models, challenging even the best laid digital strategies in a world of hybrid experiences and digital sameness.

As cycle time shrinks, traditional enterprise specialisation and hierarchies get in the way of delivering faster; role handoffs and resource coordination wastes precious time. So firms move to agile, cross-functional teams and servant leadership that can help to clear roadblocks and improve flow.

But what happens when these empowered teams disagree about the best way to meet customer’s digital experience expectations?

Join Optimizely and guest speaker Sam Higgins, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, as we explore the important role of experimentation in allowing faster, more focused innovation with greater, more controlled insight when it comes to delivering the next generation of digital experience.

Learn how:

  • Experimentation helps teams prove or disprove human assumptions
  • Escalating to the highest-paid person for their opinion can have a negative impact
  • Depending exclusively on qualitative customer feedback can be detrimental
  • Taking a data-driven approach to optimisation of the customer experience can be enabled by truly quantitative testing

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APJ On-Demand Webinar Featuring Forrester: Experimentation and its Role in the Overall Digital Experience

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Sam Higgins has three decades of tactical and strategic experience in the application of information and communications technology (ICT) to achieve business outcomes from large complex organizations in diverse industries such as transport, financial services, and education.

Through his roles as a leading ICT industry analyst, program consultant and architect, Sam has obtained extensive experience in digital transformation, data science, as-a-service (cloud) computing, enterprise architecture (including service-orientation and information management), the open source market, enterprise applications and development, business intelligence, along with ICT management and governance practices such as ICT planning, strategic sourcing and portfolio management.

Sam has participated in the development and deployment of multi-million dollar web, client-server, mainframe-centric and large scale distributed n-tier applications, using both traditional coding and model-driven environments. As a result he has extensive experience in systems analysis, design and development, with more recent engagements in the areas of strategic ICT decision making and advisory services.

Sam was a major thought leader behind an ICT planning method, associated architecture practices and governance models, elements of which were adopted by the Queensland Government in 2005 to assess the value of existing ICT investments. Sam was commissioned in 2007 to lead the major revision of the Queensland Government ICT Planning Methodology (Version 3.0). and the development of Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture (QGEA) Framework (Version 2.0).

Sam is a regular and respected facilitator, panellist and speaker at both local and international conferences. He is widely published in industry journals and is regularly sought by the ICT industry press for his expert opinion.

Sam Higgins

Principal AnalystForrester


Paul North is the SVP of Optimizely in the Asia Pacific Region and has boundless experience in the IT industry, predominantly in the software space. His career has encompassed consulting, presales, sales and leadership at PeopleSoft, SAP and most recently AssetFuture. Paul has experience with a broad range of business software, with his favourite discipline being Customer Experience Management.

Paul North

Senior Vice President APJOptimizely