[Webinar] Master the Basics of Experimentation

Getting Started with Experimentation

Digital leaders like the BBC, Farfetch, or HelloFresh didn’t get there by chance. They understand that testing and learning is part of a virtuous circle in creating ever more magnetic user experiences. And it’s all driven by digital experimentation.

Now it’s your turn. If you’re at the beginning of your journey of digital transformation, this webinar will show you where to start, then how to accelerate the process as you scale up.

  • The essential building blocks of digital experimentation.
  • The six steps of your Experimentation Cycle.
  • Why you need to share results – and how best to do it.

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Elizabeth Gabster

Lead Value ConsultantOptimizely

Martijn has over 10 years of experience in Digital Experience Optimization. With his experience as a class-room trainer and business consulting background, he often speaks at various events on how to use data and technology in order to become an insight driven business.

Currently, he and his team advise companies on a strategic level on how to transform business requirements into the best possible experience using the Optimizely Experimentation Platform.

Martijn Beijk

Director of Solutions EngineeringOptimizely

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