How to Feature Flag and Run Experiments in iOS and Android

Native mobile apps rely on app stores and users to accept updated versions. This makes mobile product and development teams particularly sensitive to bug mitigation and tedious release cycles. Developers are solving these challenges with feature flags, remote configuration, and experimentation in mobile apps.

Join Tom Zurkan and Kody O’Connell from Optimizely’s Engineering and Developer Relations teams to learn about the developer experience for the iOS and Android SDKs.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How feature flagging sets a strong foundation for app development
  • How the iOS and Android SDKs are architected
  • What to expect when implementing and maintaining Full Stack in your app
  • The steps to create feature flags and experiments in your app
  • How to get started for free with Optimizely Rollouts

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Tom Zurkan

Senior Software EngineerOptimizely

Kody O’Connell

Developer Experience AdvocateOptimizely

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