Building a Culture of Experimentation-Driven Offering Management at IBM

Eliminate Digital Guesswork with Optimizely Full Stack

Optimizely is partnering with the IBM Offering Management organization to help build a culture of experimentation-driven offering management. We’re hosting a webinar on how experimentation can help teams build and roll out innovative offerings.

After the webinar, we are piloting a trial of Optimizely Full Stack with interested Offering Management teams.

Request access for the Offering Management Optimizely account. We’ll reach out to connect with you and set up time for on-boarding.

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to try Optimizely!

By requesting access, we’ll also provide an Experimentation Resource Pack featuring:

  • The Harvard Business Review article "Why Agile Goes Awry and How to Fix It"
  • The Forrester Report "Stop Guessing & Start Experimenting"

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

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Optimizely helps us to maintain a rapid pace of experimentation, improves our ability to deliver marketing driven business results, and empowers our team to seek data and install scientific approaches into their work.
Ari Sheinkin
Ari Sheinkin

VP, Marketing Analytics

Building a Culture of Experimentation at IBM

Watch Ari Sheinkin, VP, Marketing Analytics, Marketing & Communications talk about how IBM’s marketing team built a culture of experimentation and overcame challenges in driving change and adoption along the journey.