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Our team is looking forward to seeing you at The Cosmopolitan and we can't wait for you to experience everything we have in store for you over the course of three days.

This year, we're bringing something new to Opticon18. We're hosting six interactive workshops that will leave you with actionable takeaways to bring back to your organization.

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  • Stats Engine: A Tale of Two Tests

Since it was introduced in 2014, Stats Engine has served as a fast, powerful, and easy-to-use foundation for tens of thousands of digital experiments. But how exactly does it work? In this session we will explain the key differences and advantages of Stats Engine by comparing and contrasting it with a familiar old friend: the t-test.

  • Do (10x) More with Extensions

Optimizely extensions are reusable templates that developers can use to create custom features for non-technical teams. Extensions streamline experiment creation and reduce code duplication. In this interactive workshop you will not only learn how to build these extensions, but also start building your own. We will provide you with examples of innovative use-cases that you will develop in groups with Optimizely’s help. Pick the extension that best suits your use-case and start coding!

  • Measure Your Way to Maturity

Measuring your experimentation program’s success is fundamental to improving your organization's maturity. Operational metrics and Optimizely’s Maturity Model provide insight and direction on how experimentation is impacting your business and where you can make operational and organizational improvements. In this session you'll learn about Optimizely's Maturity Model and where experimentation organizations measure across it. Come join and see how organizations have progressed from each level and improved on the most important operational metrics.

  • Scale Your Experimentation With Full Stack Best Practices

Are you struggling to go from 1 to 10 or from 100 to 1000 experiments? Optimizely Full Stack is a powerful tool, but knowing best practices for implementation is key to 10x-ing your experimentation program. In this workshop, we'll describe best practices like installing and wrapping the SDK, strategies for code footprint, and fitting a product experimentation culture into your team's process. Come learn how to best leverage Full Stack to scale your product experimentation program.

  • Train-the-Trainer: Enabling Your Team

Guided by Optimizely's training team, participants will leave this session armed with the tools and resources to enable their organization with the technical and strategic skills needed to build a successful optimization program. Through modeling of best-practices and facilitation techniques, participants will gain a strong foundation in the three key Optimizely training modules: Optimizely X - Platform Training, Strategy Ideation and Hypothesis Creation, and Result Review and Analysis. This workshop focuses on how to facilitate and what to expect before, during, and after a training. We will discuss the key learning objectives, common questions and takeaways, and follow-up resources from each module. Join us and learn how to deliver powerful Optimizely trainings to enable your team.

  • Minimizing the Performance Impact of Web Experimentation

In a time where page performance is under the microscope more than ever, it's critical to understand how to properly weigh the benefits of Web experimentation against page performance. In this working session, we'll provide insight into some of the tools you can use to audit your Optimizely implementation, and some of the measures you can take to minimize latency.

See you in Las Vegas this September!

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