Comparing Optimizely vs Adobe Target?

The choice is crystal clear. Optimizely, the best-in-class digital experimentation platform.

Why Companies Prefer Optimizely to Adobe Target

1. One Platform for Product & Marketing Experimentation

Optimizely X experimentation platform services both product development and marketing teams to experiment across product development, commerce, and marketing campaigns and optimizes your entire product lifecycle. It provides both client-side and server-side capabilities that let you run experiments and launch features anywhere in your technology stack.

2. Consumer-Grade Usability

Speeds up your experimentation velocity-up to 10 times faster- by simplifying the user experience and by providing easier access to data. Easy to use and scale across different roles, such as marketers, product managers, and developers.

3. Support for Dynamic Websites

Unlike other platforms, Optimizely provides out-of-the-box support for single-page applications, with no code changes required. Marketers and non-technical team members can run experiments without having to write code or rely on engineering help.

4. Results You Can Trust

Optimizely Stats Engine enables you to make decisions you can trust, faster. Stats Engine uses modern analysis techniques that let you monitor results in real-time and provides built-in controls that significantly reduce false discoveries.

5. Enterprise-Wide Program Management

Optimizely is the only platform that offers an integrated program management capability with tools for ideation, collaboration, and program reporting that power agility and velocity across the enterprise.

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