Feature flagging and experimentation across services: From theory to reality

Asa Schachar & Lucas Reis

Compass needed a feature management platform that could easily turn features on and off, target features to different groups of users, enable experimentation on different configurations of a feature, and integrate across their different stacks and services.

With the help of Optimizely’s platform, Compass was able to achieve its goals of creating such a powerful and maintainable system. Asa Schachar breaks down the company’s journey from theoretical needs to actual implementations. You’ll learn from Compass’s experience and gain valuable insights on architecture, interfaces, user identification, tracking events, QA, and many other gotchas that come with enabling a feature management and experimentation platform across several services and teams of a growing organization.

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to implement a feature management and experimentation platform

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Lucas Reis

Senior Software EngineerCompass

Asa is the Lead Developer Advocate for Optimizely. Previously, Asa was the engineering manager for Optimizely's Full Stack product, responsible for leading multiple cross-functional engineering teams in charge of Optimizely’s fastest growing product to enable companies to experiment more across websites, apps and every level of the stack. Prior to joining Optimizely, Asa worked at Microsoft as a software developer where he built the Internet Explorer site recommendation algorithm. He studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Harvard University and is an avid breakdancer.

Asa Schachar

Principal Developer AdvocateOptimizely