Optimizing Membership

How The Wall Street Journal leverages experimentation to create their subscription ecosystem

For the past three years, The Wall Street Journal has used experimentation to help create their membership experience. Starting with acquisition and expanding to engagement, product, and retention testing, WSJ has built a data-driven culture that leverages these experiments to deliver a premium experience that grows their base and keeps members coming back for more.

In this webinar, Olivia Simon from The Wall Street Journal’s optimization team shares how WSJ created their robust and successful testing program.

You’ll learn:

  • How to think about testing in a membership ecosystem
  • How WSJ prioritizes tests and earns stakeholder buy-in
  • About WSJ’s emphasis on testing throughout the customer acquisition funnel
  • How WSJ expanded their testing funnel beyond acquisition, and the key testing moments they target for consumer engagement and retention

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Olivia Simon

Optimization Manager, Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal

Adam Szakacs

Strategic Customer Success Manager, Optimizely

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