Building Blocks of Optimizely X Web Experimentation

Price: $450

Whether you’re a new customer or prospect, or simply want a refresher course, our expert trainers are here to help. You’ll learn the fundamentals of building experiments in Optimizely X, and best practices used by our most successful customers.

You will learn how to:

  • Build core reusable components for your experiments in Optimizely X Web Experimentation
  • Use Optimizely X’s visual and code editors to create variations
  • Leverage extensions to reduce your dependency on developers
  • QA your experiments in Optimizely X
  • Read and interpret the Optimizely X results page

This course is best suited for:

  • New Optimizely users who want to learn how to build their first experiments and understand their experiment results
  • Users of Optimizely X who want to refresh their knowledge of the basics of the platform

Bill is a Solutions Architect based at Optimizely’s HQ in San Francisco. He is responsible for helping customers fully integrate Optimizely’s suite of enterprise products with the goal of maximizing business impact while minimizing time-to-value.

Bill Caplan

Solutions ArchitectOptimizely


After having helped customers from the entire EMEA region as a Senior Support Engineer, Dyel has now moved on to become a Solutions Architect dedicated to supporting the Success Organization at Optimizely. He works hand in hand with our Customer Success Managers to support and enable our largest enterprise customers.

Dyel Kassa Koumba

Solutions ArchitectOptimizely