Programming in Production for the Fastest Feedback Loop

In this session, Ellen Chisa, the founder of Dark, will discuss what's desirable (and risky) about programming in production. This workshop will explain the tradeoffs between delivering value to users quickly, and being able to provide the safety and reduced risk that modern software development tools allow. She'll address solutions ranging from no code to the full software development lifecycle, and what it looks like to just use code.

Join the session to learn:

  • About modern infrastructure patterns, including how to use "deployless" infrastructure as a step beyond "serverless."
  • How working with real data while developing software can reduce errors and decrease time to value.
  • To determine when a comprehensive toolchain, no code, or "just code" is the right solution to the challenge your team is facing.


Ellen Chisa is the CEO & Co-Founder of Dark, a programming language for building backend webservices. Prior to Dark she was VP Product at Lola and a Product Manager at Kickstarter and Microsoft. She holds a B.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering from Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering.

Ellen Chisa



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