Culture and Growth

How Disruptors Experiment Faster and Smarter (and what you can learn from them)

From Airbnb to Lyft, Transferwise to TheRealReal, new entrants are using an experimentation-led strategy paired with Behavioural Science to rapidly iterate and discover deep customer insights. These lean companies are agile, digital-first, customer-obsessed—and growing faster than anyone.

Since 2007, experimentation thought-leader Chris Goward has been building and scaling experimentation programs for both disruptors and traditional companies. In this session, he'll share insights and real-world examples from fast-growth disruptors that any organization (including yours!) can profit from.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A first-hand account from an industry disruptor on the most important aspects of a rapid-cycle experimentation program
  • A framework for identifying your organization’s unique strengths and gaps that are holding back your velocity
  • How to level-up your customer insights using Behavioral Science

Chris founded WiderFunnel with the belief that marketing agencies should prove their value. He is the brain behind the popular LIFT Model® and Infinity Optimization Process™, wrote the bestselling book, You Should Test That!, and has spoken at 300+ events globally.

Chris Goward

Founder & CEOWiderFunnel