Automation and Experimentation - In-Depth Discussion on Data-Driven Strategy

Across the web, businesses are competing for user attention and loyalty in marketplaces that are constantly growing and evolving. In this fast moving environment, being data-driven in improving customer experience is the only way to reliably get and stay ahead of the competition. This is easier said than done - issues of what to focus on next and whether your work is improving business outcomes inevitably arise. Acting quickly and acting with confidence can sometimes be at odds with each other. In this session, Chrix Finne (VP of Product - Heap) and Matt Gomes (Director of Marketing - Opploans) discuss how Opploans approaches these challenges and more.


Chrix is VP Product at Heap, where he leads product management efforts. Previously, Chrix helped build products and product teams at Confluent and Optimizely, and spent 6 years at Google, where he launched mobile advertising products and the first version of Google Analytics for mobile apps. Chrix graduated from Harvard University with a degree in math and music theory.

Chrix Finne

VP, Product ManagementHeap


Matt is Director of Marketing at OppLoans, where he leads all CRO and testing efforts. Previously, Matt helped build and scale the Direct Mail pre-screen programs for both OppLoans and Avant, and spent 3 years at sitting between the marketing, analytics, and finance teams. Matt graduated from Brandeis University with a degree in Business and Medieval History.

Matt Gomes

Director of MarketingOppLoans


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