Full Stack Developer Subscription

For software developers and engineers working in Full Stack, this eLearning path focuses on setting up and running experiments, feature rollouts, and QA testing. Because this is an eLearning path, you can learn at your own pace.


Software developers and engineers, who we call Code Composers, will build their understanding of how to set up key features in Optimizely Full Stack to build experiments, feature rollouts, and conduct QA testing.

Concepts addressed in this path:

- Foundations of experimentation cycle and program structure
- Account structure
- Manage Collaborators
- Setting up projects
- Project and account settings
- Setting up Program Management teams, sites and touchpoints to add ideas
- Performance options for set-up
- Implement the SDK for Optimizely Full Stack
- Defining experiment components: Pages, Events, Extensions, Revenue Tracking, Audiences
- Building experiments with those components
- Creating variations using the code editor
- Setting up Redirect Experiments
- Setting up Feature Flags and Rollouts

Access to the subscription is for 12 months.