Web Developer Subscription

Developers and engineers, who we call experience perfectionists, are essential to creating compelling user experiences. This eLearning material will teach you how to develop, run and QA experiments in Optimizely Web and Full Stack all at your own pace.


UX designers and front end developers, who we call Experience Perfectionists, can use these courses to build up skills in setting up Optimizely Web to develop, run and QA experiments.

Concepts addressed in these courses:

- Foundations of experimentation cycle and program structure
- Defining experiment components: Pages, Events, Audiences
- Building experiments with those components
- Creating variations using Visual and Code Editors
- Running code in Optimizely
- SPA (Single Page Application) concepts
- Defining campaign components: Pages, Events
- Building campaigns with those components
- Leveraging 3rd party analytics integrations
- Basic campaign QA using the Previewer

Access to the subscription is for 12 months.