Optimizely Concludes the First Season of its Digital Masterminds Series Celebrating Creativity in B2B Marketing

Latest conversations with industry leaders highlight why confident creation and digital experimentation are paramount for future of business growth

NEW YORK – October 17, 2022Optimizely, the leading digital experience platform (DXP) provider, today announced the latest segment of Digital Masterminds, a video and editorial series featuring conversations with top leaders in marketing, digital, and growth. The conversations range from personal stories and leadership philosophies to significant technological and cultural trends impacting marketing and digital leaders around the globe.

Hosted by Optimizely Chief Marketing Officer Kirsten Allegri Williams, guests of the series to date include Optimizely customers Denise Leonhard, Vice President at Venmo, Kristin Fallon, Head of Global Brand and Digital Marketing at GE Healthcare, and Lorenz Gan, Chief Digital Officer and CIO of New Era Cap. The latest conversation is with Wendy Bergh, GM of the Online Business at Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Zoom, a new Optimizely customer, has become a defining brand of our time. In her interview, Bergh discusses why experimentation is the future of work as well as the importance of having speed in business and culture, putting customers first, and finding inspiration in everyday commerce. She shares that marketing and data science have never been more intertwined, and how Zoom embraces experimentation for up-to-the-minute customer insights.

"The explosion of digital channels requires marketers to have a deeper understanding of how and why customers are drawn to a brand, and creativity is a big part of that process," said Kirsten Allegri Williams, CMO of Optimizely. "As businesses, we haven’t quite recognized how critical the continuous investment in digital creativity is to the customer experience. Digital Masterminds is our way of celebrating the B2B leaders on the cutting edge of that creativity and showcasing it in a way that brings awareness to the importance of this work for long-term brand loyalty and business growth." 

In the marketing industry, the eye-catching, consumer-focused advertising campaigns seen across mainstream media channels are often lauded and highlighted as top examples of creativity. Digital Masterminds is about bringing attention to the creativity and tenacity that our B2B marketing leaders are driving across technical and digital channels, too. The advanced innovators who participated in Digital Masterminds are exemplary of this work – they are not afraid to be highly creative and take risks, and as a result have reaped the rewards.

"A brand is what your customers tell you you are," said Lorenz Gan, Chief Digital Officer and CIO of New Era Cap. "Authenticity is extremely important in brand messaging and engagement. At New Era, we tap into consumer insights to ensure we are using technology in an effective and authentic way. To be driven by outcomes, a brand must understand what the data is saying and then use that insight to drive deeper relationships."

"As modern marketers, we must challenge ourselves to focus on value instead of volume," said Kristin Fallon, Head of Global Brand and Digital Marketing at GE Healthcare. "Rather than chase a high volume of leads, we can use technology to truly listen to our audience and deliver more value. Building a culture of experimentation at GE Healthcare has allowed us to break down assumptions and be more purposeful in our work."

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