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Ameex’s association with the client

Many corporations have a digital and commerce strategy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Merely adopting a digital strategy, however, does not imply that your company will thrive overnight. Many firms understand that it takes years for them to gain the benefits of such a strategy. Ameex has been helping clients and turning them digitally successful for decades. We recently added another feather in our cap.

Ameex was approached by a B2B brand, a world-renowned distributor of new aftermarket truck parts. The client has a global distribution network that spans across 67 countries and is recognized worldwide for offering exceptional products that have undergone high-level quality inspection before reaching the end-users.

The client was targeting a holistic digital transformation for higher ROI and increased conversions. Ameex carried out the same in terms of customers’ buying behavior. Ameex believes that businesses, especially of B2B setup, need DXP more than ever.

Reasons B2B businesses choose Optimizely as their DXP platform:

  • Improved customer service leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased retention
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Complete visibility into the customer journey and buying behavior
  • Flexibility to implement user experience personalization
  • Lower digital transformation costs and higher operational savings

Most B2B manufacturing businesses are still in the early stages of adopting ecommerce and do not totally focus on the buying pattern of their customers. With the help of Ameex, the client can now successfully build multi-site architecture for dealers they engage with, and multiple salient features have been incorporated for a seamless online process flow.

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Optimizely Commerce and Content

The client’s website uses Optimizely as their content management system. Currently, the client has one primary website built in Optimizely, in addition to 18 dealer sites. Each dealer white labels products from the client and then sells them via their own dealer website, which is in turn linked to the primary website.

Optimizely’s Content Cloud not only helps to build a user-friendly website using its own platform, but also enables integration of others. For instance, all the dealer websites that were developed on the Drupal platform could be integrated easily with Optimizely.

Using Optimizely’s content cloud, Ameex customized the client’s core website in a such way that it has the ability to create sites for each of its dealers with the feasibility to:

  • Change the theme (unique theme for each of the sites)
  • Manage the several types of users and features of the white labelled site
  • Optimizely was leveraged to an extent that a catalog can be displayed to the dealers and the displayed prices can be modified

Some of the site users can only view the products with prices hidden, while some of the users have access to product catalogs only. There is also a feature to enable or disable the distribution centers to particular dealers as per the business requirements.

Dealers’ dashboard

Dealers’ dashboard, relying on Optimizely Cloud, will be used by the dealers to customize and manage their websites. The modifications made to this dashboard will be reflected in the end user’s website. It gives complete control to dealers on the level of information they would want to share with their customers. The dashboard gives the ability to create user profiles, review and approve orders, customize catalogs and control the pricing levels. The white-labelled websites are of three types with varying functionality and feasibility.

Level 1: Optimizely commerce gives the feasibility to fetch the data stored locally and allows using it in the dealer site to show prices instead of creating a separate dashboard. 

Level 2: Dealers have the dashboard with ability to approve, modify and delete the orders. Also, they can margin price products.

Level 3: In addition to white labelled products, dealers can sell their own inventory.

Promotions via Product Recommendations

Promotions are enabled for the customers of the client after they add items to the cart. This functionality is based on Optimizely’s recommendation. Promotions will be activated for a specific period and will be applicable only on certain conditions. When a user adds the product to the cart, if promotions applicable for product count or order value, it will automatically be displayed in the cart.

Search & Navigation (Optimizely Find)

Optimizely Find module was customized to incorporate the client request on the website.

  • The following modifications were made to the global Opti-Find search. The user is now able to search through keywords and/or products
  • Modified Search Functionality Integration: These functionalities were updated/integrated on Opti-Find
    • Auto Complete: When a user enters a keyword in search bar, the application predicts the rest of the word/string the user is typing
      • This was incorporated in both keyword search and product search
      • The predicted product number is displayed along with the product title in the dropdown
    • Related Queries: Displays the related queries for the searched keyword
      • The related queries are suggested/generated based on users historical tracked data. This functionality is applicable for both types of global searches.
    • Best Bets: This functionality helps to promote specific content by listing/displaying them along with the results
      • The best bets for the searched keyword are displayed in the top of the search result page

Also, the website employed faceted search on the product detail pages:

  • Product Count: Seen on the top of the listing frame, shows values based on the choices selected below from the facets
  • Attributes are listed on a pane in the left-hand side of the product detail page as seen in the image below
  • The search attributes change based on the available attributes on the different product lines
  • Choose a different product line: The user can change the product line from within the Product detail page with the drop-down menu available on the top of the pane

Salient Features Incorporated:

  • 3D Trucks:

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3D View

A unique feature on the client’s site. The user can view the 3D image and click on the truck section of which parts are needed, e.g.: engine. Search results listing all the parts with respect to that will be displayed.


Vehicle Identification Number

This is a unique search feature that enables searching all the related vehicular parts or products by entering the vehicle identification number.

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Schematics Part

A one-of-kind feature, where in schematics of the part type selected by user is displayed. In schematic diagram, users can select the required section for which products are needed.

  • Express Order:

Allows B2B end customers to place bulk orders by importing the order details using excel file.

Key Results Delivered:

Avg. Order Value Increase (Oct 2020-Oct 2021)


Avg. Order Value in Oct 2021

1436.44 USD

New Users Added


Percentage Customer Lifetime Value Increase (2019-2021)

~ 500%

(11.66 USD to 72.31 USD)