17 maj, 2022

Introducing Digital Masterminds: Stories featuring visionary leaders and their game changing perspectives

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Kirsten Allegri Williams

Chief Marketing Officer

Here at Optimizely, we always love celebrating our customers. But this year, we wanted to go a step further to really highlight the notable successes of some of our customers and spotlight the people who make their brands what they are. Digital Masterminds is our new video and editorial series that features prominent digital and marketing leaders in conversations ranging from personal stories and leadership philosophies to significant technological and cultural trends impacting marketing and digital leaders around the globe.

We’re launching this series with two incredible executives that we’re proud to call our customers: Kristin Fallon, Head of Global Brand and Digital Marketing at GE Healthcare, a $18 billion medical technology company; and Lorenz Gan, Chief Digital Officer and CIO of New Era Cap LLC, the Buffalo-based, 100-year-old global headwear and lifestyle brand where customer experience reigns supreme.

In my conversation with Kristin, we discussed everything from leadership to experimentation in marketing. We explored her experiences working with start-ups, GE, international development organizations including NGOs and the World Bank, and beyond.

Lorenz shared with us his perspectives on the future of digital, the mission behind New Era, and the lessons that come from staying close to a brand’s authentic spirit. Plus, we heard about one very important group chat and a momentous encounter with Spike Lee that changed New Era’s direction forever.

I can’t wait for you to hear these incredible stories. This is just the start: stay tuned for even more conversations with digital masterminds in the coming months. For now, I invite you to dive in and learn from their journeys to becoming some of the top leaders in marketing, digital, and growth by tuning in to the first of many conversations by visiting optimizely.com/digitalmasterminds.

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