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Harness B2B Commerce Data

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Du behöver ange dina kontaktuppgifter för att ta del av detta innehåll. Det innebär att vi då och då bjuder in dig till Optimizely-evenemang och webinar samt skickar dig bransch- och produktnyheter.

Optimizely kommer att lagra och behandla dina personuppgifter enligt beskrivningen i vår integritetspolicy. Du kan när som helst återkalla ditt samtycke.

Everyone agrees that data is imperative for an effective and profitable B2B Commerce experience. However, what data you should use, how to use it, and where to find it are all challenges that need to be addressed for your data to become an asset in creating that experience.

This session will explore how manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers can better harness the data inside and outside of their organizations to improve their B2B commerce experience. 

Topics of discussion will include:

  • New data types that must be part of your B2B Commerce strategy
  • How to use data you have to make better decisions
  • Why the combination of data AND industry experience is optimal