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Opening keynote: The science of getting it right

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Du behöver ange dina kontaktuppgifter för att ta del av detta innehåll. Det innebär att vi då och då bjuder in dig till Optimizely-evenemang och webinar samt skickar dig bransch- och produktnyheter.

Optimizely kommer att lagra och behandla dina personuppgifter enligt beskrivningen i vår integritetspolicy. Du kan när som helst återkalla ditt samtycke.

Claire Vo, Chief Product Officer introduces the concepts and topics behind the science of getting it right amidst the shift to digital in every aspect of our lives. Keynote speakers Jamie Connolly, Group Product Manager-Full Stack, Whelan Boyd, Group Product Manager and Byron Jones, VP Product & Partnerships talk about experimentation, progressive delivery and the changing digital landscape with the help of sneak peaks and demos from Asa Schachar, Principal Developer Advocate. 

Learn about the integration of feature flagging and experimentation into one unified view and workflow, the introduction of Enriched Event Export, our new Event Debugger and beta Stats Engine as a Service. Hear about partnerships like AWS Personalization, Microsoft ecommerce Dynamics 365 with experimentation powered by Optimizely, and Salesforce customer support experimentation within Salesforce Lightning.