• 10+ campaigns run across 8 regional markets
  • 12 regional markets leveraging approved brand assets from a single library
  • 30+ users across 6 teams, fully trained and onboarded onto Optimizely
  • 2x efficiency increase, completing 280 assets/year vs. 142 previously

Discovering, employing, and advocating for a healthier approach is at the heart of everything that SFI Health does

A global premium natural healthcare company, the SFI Health family of brands represent an unwavering commitment to quality, driven by their passion for applying science to nature. 

So, it only made sense their global marketing team applied that same approach to their marketing and content operation.

Operating out of Sydney, the global content team supports a wide-range of affiliate and distributor markets all over the globe—each one with its own unique product portfolio and market restrictions. 

With a wider corporate brand strategy underway, and with growing audiences across each of the regional markets, the team knew it would need to become hyper-focused on aligning (and empowering) the distributed teams in an effort to unify the brand experience. 

“We had a basic solution in place, which gave us the workflows to approve and publish content with the necessary legal and regulatory reviews,” said Cassandra Brill, Global Head of Digital. “But as we matured, we quickly realized we needed to increase the sophistication of what we were doing — and how we were doing it. We needed to scale. And we needed the ability to measure effectiveness to better inform our content strategy.”

Knowing the organization would need to streamline the way it planned, created, distributed, governed and measured all of its content, the team set out to implement a cutting-edge solution. 

We knew we needed a platform that would be able to support us in both the short and long-term. Specifically, we needed a solution that would allow us to drive global brand consistency, measure our work, and, most importantly, prove its impact. We needed to take everything one step further. So we brought in Optimizely.

Jane Hunter
Global Head of Digital Marketing, SFI Health

Scaling planning, creation & distribution with the Optimizely CMP

In early 2020, SFI Health brought Optimizely CMP on board with three key initiatives top of mind.

1. Centralized campaign planning and ideation… 

“The process traditionally began with tight coordination between our in-house content team and the agency,” said Brill. “It was a collaborative brainstorm — to identify the objective of the campaign, the types (and number) of assets needed, along with KPIs. But before Optimizely, the focus was somewhat arbitrary.”

The CMP provided the team with search volume data, and data-driven recommendations for each market around which keywords presented the greatest opportunity for search. This gave the team strategic insights to tailor content campaigns around topics or themes they knew their audience was interested in.   

Additionally, the Campaigns module provided shared workspaces to not only collaborate on the work, but organize it in a way that made sense. The team established parent campaigns for each of its regional markets, and created sub-campaigns that were relevant to each individual project.

2. Collaborative content creation and review…

With the strategy and plan in place, the team moved to execution, building out tasks to serve each piece of content the team would need. Individual tasks were built into each campaign, so that the creators, reviewers, and approvers knew exactly what they needed to produce, and when.

The team leveraged flexible, multi-format content editors — across traditional static social content, to blog articles, to Sales materials — combined with powerful workflows and content optimization tools to collaborate with subject matter experts and produce all of the various types of content their campaigns depended on.

The simple ease-of-use of the platform gave external contributors across research and medical teams the ability to review and ensure the more scientific and technical content was always high-quality and accurate — even if some of it was scientific and technical in nature.

3. Global asset distribution and tracking

Of course, producing great content only mattered if it was getting into the hands of those for who it was intended. 

With key integrations in place, the SFI Health team was able to push all of its content to downstream channels — and maintain it all through Optimizely CMP serving as the one central platform. The team also leveraged Optimizely’s fully integrated Digital Asset Manager (DAM), to house all of the content the global team created, and share it with the regional teams for easy reuse.  

Optimism & opportunity

SFI Health’s newfound efficiencies haven’t just changed the way content is produced, they’ve started changing the strategies underlying it as well.

As a result, the global team is now focused on getting tracking set up and pulling analytics across all digital touchpoints (web performance and social media across markets), enabling the team to measure which specific pieces of content are driving people through the purchasing funnel, and building out a strategy to optimize for that customer journey. 

With a data-driven perspective of where content is (and is not) creating business value, SFI Health will be able to continuously refine its content strategy in a way that stretches more results from the same budget.

“We are complex and the SFI Health business is always evolving,” said Brill. “Fortunately, I know that we have a platform equipped to evolve with us and continue to meet our needs.”

That’s what many marketers might just consider a healthy operation.

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