• 2x increase in daily quote requests
  • 10,000 product SKU's available
  • 2x increase in average order value

Leader in testing and electronic production supplies

For more than 45 years, TestEquity has met the test, tool kit and electronic supply needs of the aerospace, defense, automotive, electronics, education and medical industries. TestEquity is dedicated to helping 200,000+ customers like NASA and General Motors solve the toughest technical and financial challenges so they can get their products off the ground.

TestEquity’s 500 dedicated specialists apply speed, efficiency and knowledge to provide customers with the right solutions and services exactly when, and precisely how they need them. To best serve their customers, TestEquity put a focus on investing in the best technologies and building better user experiences. 

Evolving with a changing marketplace

It’s no secret that the way we make purchases today is far different than it was decades ago. TestEquity recognized changing market conditions like preferences to self-serve and younger buyers entering the workforce and made a decision to revamp their technology stack.

As an early adopter of eCommerce, TestEquity had a custom solution in place to answer the changing needs of its customers. However, the solution was not integrated to TestEquity’s ERP, was not responsive and was built on outdated technology.

TestEquity underwent a wholistic business transformation that involved multiple technologies working in harmony to deliver an enhanced customer experience.

[Optimizely B2B] InsiteCommerce is different from a B2C eCommerce platform or a simple extension of an ERP. It has B2B features built in and is customizable

Jeff Hileman
Director eCommerce, TestEquity

Finding the right eCommerce solution

TestEquity needed a powerful eCommerce platform that would enable the company to quickly serve the needs of their customers and provide a better online experience than their original platform.

TestEquity selected the Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud because it met many requirements including:

  • Customization capabilities
  • Reliable and scalable infrastructure
  • Ability to consolidate existing web platforms
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Real-time inventory
  • PunchOut integrations
  • PIM integration

Driving business value with Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud 

In May 2019, TestEquity launched the eCommerce site integrated with a 3rd party PIM, Payment Gateway, Live Chat and PunchOut to facilitate seamless automation to their customer base.

Since launch, TestEquity has improved efficiencies, driven customer self-service events and increased RFQ volume. The website enables TestEquity customers to seamlessly research and purchase from a catalog of more than 10,000 products.

Less than 3 months after launching Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud, TestEquity had already doubled daily Requests for Quotes (RFQ), which they consider the lifeblood of their business. Previously, TestEquity was seeing roughly 15 RFQs per day, which increased to 27-30 per day after launch. TestEquity’s RFQs are typically valued at around $8,000. They’re able to convert about 20%-30% of their RFQs to sales. In addition to increasing RFQs, average order value has more than doubled since launching their site one year ago.

The website is just part of TestEquity’s ongoing digital transformation strategy in solidifying the company’s position as the industry-leading, single-source provider of testing and electronic production supplies.


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