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This toolkit of resources will help you and your team to maximize your marketing spend, increase customer profitability, and build a fearless, data-driven culture with testing.

Whether you’re on test one or one thousand, these resources will help you grow and scale an ongoing practice of experimentation at your organization.

  • Tie experimentation to key company initiatives
  • Straightforward resources you’ll actually use
  • Encourage participation and promote successes internally

Get testing ideas and resources from these innovative companies:

The Next Web
In The Swim
The American Medical Association

Tie testing to key company initiatives

  • Top test ideas for your industry
  • Test brainstorming guidelines
  • Hypothesis strategy worksheet

Straightforward resources you’ll actually use

  • Test idea worksheet
  • Prioritization frameworks
  • Test plan template

Create a culture of testing

  • How-tos for internal contests
  • Results-sharing emails
  • Presentation templates