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Personalization: A $3 Trillion Dollar Opportunity

The increase in brand preference for personalized experiences has a significant financial impact. After crunching the numbers, the McKinsey Global Institute found the value of personalization to be in the trillions of dollars across eight verticals.

Why Personalization?

Optimizely Personalization makes it easy to scale personalized customer experiences.

  • Growth

    Crate and Barrel increased homepage conversion rates by 20%+ using Personalization.

  • Retention

    Brooks Running improved the customer experience and decreased return rates by 80%.

  • Deliver ROI

    Use data to target your users paired with experimentation to ensure you are giving your customers the tailored experience that drives results.

Optimizely’s Chief Product Officer, Claire Vo, Shares How to Test, Learn and Drive Value with Personalization

Optimizely is the only experimentation-first personalization platform. Learn more about Adaptive Audiences, Adaptive Recommendations, and Dynamic Customer Profiles in this clip from Opticon, our annual user conference.