Mind of an Experimenter gives you a look inside the digital experience optimization teams of the world’s best brands.

The role of the marketer is changing. And it’s changing fast. In an increasingly digital world where competition is fierce, it’s not enough to simply rely on our hunches to drive us forward. We have to replace our digital guesswork with evidence-based optimization. But in the past only a few companies — Amazon, Facebook, and Google — made experimentation a fundamental business practice, launching tens of thousands of experiments a year. Today, experimentation is becoming the new normal for a digital business. From digital first companies like Atlassian to industry leaders like Visa, we are seeing a sense of urgency to build out a dedicated digital experience optimization team.

Transforming the Customer Experience: A Digital Disruptor’s Guide

Discover six best practices for reimagining your customer experience and meet digital disruptors who are using the scientific method and experimentation to iterate, innovate, and grow their businesses faster than ever before.

Optimizing the Customer Experience through Innovation

Learn how digital disruptors are harnessing the power of digital to drastically change customer experiences. Gain insights into how you can create a culture of innovation at your company and hear about best practices for harnessing new digital technologies to transform customer experiences.

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