Appsee is a powerful in-app user experience analytics platform that enables app developers to measure, understand and optimize the user experience in their apps. Thousands of customers leverage Appsee's user recordings, touch heatmaps and real-time in-app analytics to optimize their apps and increase engagement, conversions and in-app monetization.


The code integration will automatically tag every screen in the Appsee dashboard with the relevant Optimizely experiment data. Screens that contain an active Optimizely experiment will be automatically renamed in the Appsee dashboard and will include the experiment's name and the variation name. This will enable you to:

  • Filter user recordings to watch recordings for specific experiment and variation
  • Analyze touch heatmaps for every screen variation
  • Create conversion funnels for every variation, to analyze how users * advance through the funnel for every test variation
Key Benefits
  • Visualize your Optimizely experiments with Appsee's User Recordings and Touch Heatmaps
  • Understand how users interact with each variation to deliver an optimized in-app experience
  • Utilize UX metrics to assist in the decision process in the case of an insignificant experiment result