What Your Customers Really Do Online: 5 Ways to Remove the Guesswork

As digital marketers and experience leaders, we have increasingly reduced our customers to merely data points, line graphs, and bar charts.

The problem is that we are losing the necessary insight and experimentation to understand human behavior across digital channels. To uncover our customers’ true intent, and ultimately understand the behavioral impact on the bottom line, we need to start asking WHY.

In this live webinar, hear from experts from Clicktale and Optimizely as they share experiences from working with brands like Samsung, Missguided, and RBS to uncover:

  • What data and insights can uncover about customers’ digital behavior
  • How to align metrics that look at measuring the experience, not just conversion
  • How brands are scaling an approach to data, insights, and analytics across their organizations
  • Best practices in ideation, A/B testing, and experimentation

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Kenneth Kutyn

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