[Webinar] Putting the Person into Personalization

Identifying audiences and their reach to realize maximum impact

Before you personalize any given digital experience, you obviously need to know who you’re personalizing it for. Effective personalization means defining, creating and developing the right kinds of audience groups. The ultimate goal? Providing the feel of a genuine one-to-one experience.

Sign up for our second webinar to discover the ingredients of a good audience. How to identify and reach them with relevant experiences. And why experimentation is the key to optimizing every different experience for each separate group.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why you should only focus on ‘actionable’ audiences with high reach - and what that actually means.
  • Key personalization use cases to target audiences across verticals.
  • How experimentation helps to provide the best possible personalized experiences.

Learn more about creating impactful digital experiences in the Power of Personalization series here.

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[Webinar] Putting the Person into Personalization
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Jil Maassen

Strategy Consultant EMEA

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