[Webinar] Failure is an Option: Scaling Resilient Feature Delivery

Using feature flags to limit your risk and recover faster when the unexpected happens.

Learn how to deliver safer, faster releases.

Designing a perfect, failproof software delivery system is impossible. Failures will happen. What's more important is the speed and reliability of your recovery.

Today, with Optimizely Agent, companies that build their apps using service-oriented architectures can achieve production-scale faster with their feature delivery and experimentation platform.

Watch this webinar if you're a software engineer, architect or DevOps professional to learn more about Optimizely Agent as well as:

  • How to embed feature flagging sitewide to deliver safer, faster releases
  • Best practices for implementing feature flags in a services-oriented architecture
  • The latest enhancements you need to help your team recover faster when ship happens
  • Stories and real-life lessons learned from software launches and releases gone from wrong to right

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[Webinar] Failure is an Option: Scaling Resilient Feature Delivery
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Jamie leads the Full Stack product and Optimizely's core application platform. He believes Full Stack transforms the way products are built, and loves working with customers to realize that goal. Jamie joined Optimizely in early 2013, and held position in Sales and Success before joining Product. Before Optimizely, Jamie led professional services at Extole. He began his career in the Rule of Law Office at the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.

Jamie Connolly

Senior Product ManagerOptimizely


Mike is a senior member of the Full Stack engineering team with a passion for the developer experience. Before developing on the Full Stack product, Mike was a founding member of the Optimizely Data Infrastructure team, building enterprise scale analytics solutions.

Mike Davis

Software EngineerOptimizely

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