Why Optimizely?

Optimizely is the most-adopted platform in the world for optimizing your digital customer experiences through A/B testing, website optimization, and personalization.

The customer journey is more fragmented than ever. Are your digital experiences optimized to accelerate it?

Limited visitor attention

The average website visitor has an attention span of 8 seconds (source: Microsoft)

Constrained resources

Prevent your team from unifying and optimizing the customer experience across all touchpoints

Scarcity of insight

Makes it difficult to create a single view of the customer and understand how their journey is influenced

Customer experiences are how 89% of companies plan to compete this year*. We help you optimize every one of them.

*source: Gartner

Optimize every digital customer experience with ease through Testing and Personalization

Target audiences with predictive analytics and segmentation

Understand the impact of your optimization strategy with analytics

Connect essential visitor data based on behavior, 1st-party, and 3rd-party sources

Start optimizing experiences today

The benefits of joining the world’s #1 optimization platform

  • Easy and powerful

    We make it easy for anyone to get started with website and mobile app optimization. Extend your optimization with advanced features for technical users and teams as you grow.

  • Insights you can act on

    Understand the impact of every experience and take action on experiment results with confidence using Optimizely’s industry-leading Stats Engine.

  • One solution for web and mobile apps

    Deliver experiences across web and mobile apps to drive increased customer loyalty and revenue.

  • Security and performance you can trust

    Built on a network of world-class CDNs with hundreds of global access points balanced for speed along with industry-leading platform security capabilities.

  • Open platform

    Optimizely’s commitment to an open platform means that our products work with other tools you already use, like analytics and data managh5ent platforms.

  • World-class support and resources

    Experience supporting over 4,500 customers across several industries with a deep focus on customer enablh5ent.

Since its inception in 2010, Optimizely’s Experience Optimization Platform has quickly become a disruptive force in the online testing space.
The Forrester Wave™: Online Testing Platforms

Q3 2015

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