Growing through experimentation

Founded 10 years ago with offices in Los Angeles and Hong Kong, CASETiFY’s simple idea was to enable customers to design and create personalized phone cases from their Instagram content.

Today, CASETiFY remains true to its creative values and is experiencing exponential growth in new markets, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with brands such as Disney and Blvck Paris. This growth is the beginning of a journey, and Optimizely is making it easier for CASETiFY to take the right path.

Like many other growing businesses, CASETiFY was focused on optimizing conversion rates, and using experimentation to understand more about their customers.

Starting with more basic tools, Beatrix Wong, Head of Ecommerce, quickly realized this wasn’t working for CASETiFY. “The basic tools on the market didn’t really work for us – they were difficult to use, and we had to assign a senior programmer to run tests and mapping data was slow and inaccurate.”

Wong and her team wanted to conduct five to six experiments per week but combined with the daily high traffic, they immediately realized that a superior experimentation tool was needed.

We want to focus on optimizing our mobile app and engage with our customers there, so their experience is optimized however they want to engage with us. We seek to give our customers the same excellent service and experience on mobile, as well as on the website. Optimizely Intelligence Cloud allows us to launch sophisticated experiments that are easy to create and manage for those with no technical background. This empowers not only my team, but is easy to understand for everyone, and creates a culture of experimentation for all of us.

Beatrix Wong
Head of Ecommerce, CASETiFY

Creating the right solution

Finding the right solution was important for Wong and her team – the previous experience had been time consuming, and they couldn’t trust the results.

“We wanted an experimentation tool that was sophisticated enough for us to test across all customer touchpoints. But it should also be easy for my team and I to run tests without the need to have technical knowledge,” said Wong. “Based on our research and the recommendations we received, I was convinced that Optimizely Intelligence Cloud was the right solution.”

When CASETiFY began its experimentation journey with Optimizely’s server-side experimentation solution, one by one, the challenges they faced before were eliminated.

By operating on Optimizely Intelligence Cloud, Wong and her team can now focus on more impactful work. The team no longer needs to cross-check data for accuracy, as there is integration between CASETiFY’s database and Optimizely Intelligence Cloud.

Wong added, “Due to the ease of use, now my team and I are empowered to run tests on our own, and I believe that we’re able to operate at least 50% more efficiently than before.”

Data-driven improvement through experimentation

Experimentation has now become the core of CASETiFY’s business, to continue to improve digital experience as the customer base grows.

“Experimentation has never been a one-off initiative - we run tests all the time. With Optimizely Intelligence Cloud there is zero latency, so we know the results of tests as they happen. During this time of growth and changing customer profiles, we need to be in tune with our customers to create the best experiences,” said Wong.

The culture of experimentation has also created a data-driven approach for the wider team at CASETiFY when making business decisions. Market expansion is less risky when decisions are based on fully understanding customer behavior, rather than guesswork.

The power of experimentation has allowed CASETiFY to improve as a business consistently – from customer experience and product development to localization strategy. has been the go-to platform for customers; however, Wong and her team are excited to engage with their customers on their latest mobile app, CASETiFY Colab.


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